Saturday, 21 February 2009

18k miles edition 30 mpg / 2nd service due / Metroid Prime Wii 50% complete

365 miles @ avg 30.1MPG must be driving too slow, this tank was on Optimax btw
longer commute driving into work def helps to increase mpg average

55% complete on Metroid Prime 3 Corruption on the Wii.
Awesome game thats got me hooked. Great gameplay and graphics.
Although I have to admit Im using the guide/walkthrough to help sometimes.

Some new releases on the Wii (Madworld etc) may mean I buy a few more of this genre.

Started up the car the other day too and Im greeted by the next service schedule message! In line with the first but it doesnt have come around quickly :-(
Probably a while u wait oil change (of note it appears that VW ONLY use the longlife oil now on your car irrespective of service schedule!)

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