Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Bike written off / 22k miles / Oulton Park

Shock horror , the bike was confirmed as a writeoff this week , so a cheque arrived from the insurance company, and a reasonable offer it was too :-)

Car is now @ 22400 miles with 1000 est to service time.
Rear tyres ok in this dry weather but would be a nightmare in the wet........

Spent the day at Oulton park for the superbike racing which was awesome.
Truly amazing stuff and the weather held up too.

Also met up with a guy from mini2 on saturday and sold him my compomotive wheels.

Pic 1 is graemes car (lowered)
Pics 2 + 3 are Oulton park (just a taster of the number of bikes present)
Pic 4 is the 2006 GSXR750 in black , the bike I would buy now if I was going down that road again !


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