Sunday, 30 July 2006

23k miles / New Tyres

Yep another thousand miles !

The Inspection II service looks like its gonna be 800 quid !!!

And given its now raining again Ive ordered 4 new tyres (front are legal but Id rather have a matching set).
Going from Michelin Pilot Sport 2 [225/40/19 + 255/35/19] to
Goodyear Eagle GSD3 F1 [235/35/19 + 265/30/19] which is the std CSL size , apparently you can also go up to 245/275 f/r on M3 wheels.

Will report how I get on , because I was VERY impressed with the Michelins , just that they are extorsionate to replace.
Tyres bought from Auto Image Glasgow for 800 quid for 4 , which I think is a good deal.


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