Thursday, 9 September 2004


Yep its that time of year again...

Kinda snuck up on me , so it was a last minute thing. Booked into local fiat dealer for an MOT.
Ok so I was taking a chance but it was the easiest way...
Over 8 hours later (!!!!) my car has failed on the following....
1) Rear brake discs corroded and pitted
2) Poor handbrake efficiency
3) Ineffective rear brake bias valve
4) High CO emissions fail due to misfire

Ok so not to bad and pretty much easy DIY stuff but in addition to this I knew the car needed

1) Exhaust manifold
2) Full service
3) New Front brakes also

So Ive bitten the bullet and booked the car into Wigan Pauls (James Twist Garage) , a trusted FCCUK garage.
Its a pain but hey its only 3 hrs each way (Glasgow to Warrington!)

Really wanted to wait for a custom manifold but the wait could go on forever so Im just gonna solve it now.


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