Tuesday, 14 September 2004

GoodNews/Bad News....

Yeah , well the good news is the cars fixed. The bad news is I'm destitute ....
Well what can I say?
After the MOT failure I considered many options.
However with a manifold needing done I decided that I would drive my car to Wigan Paul
(I reckon I have driven the car for at least 4months with a cracked manifold)
Not a 'quick' drive from Glasgow ! (4 hrs each way)
So down and back in one day (with my lovely wife shopping inbetween LOL)
I was very worried but hey its turned out great so Im pleased ...

Heres a breakdown of the final bill (or should I say open wallet surgery).
In fact its actually pretty reasonable for the work done to a good standard.
Plus knowing Paul has wide experience in coupes was a big reason for going.

Exhaust Manifold 293.86
Exhaust Manifold Gasket 10.32
Labour (replace manifold) (6hrs)180
Front discs drilled 130
Front brake pads 36.96
Rear discs 22.84
Rear pads 19.23
Labour (brakes)(3 hrs) 90
Top engine mount 16.25
Bottom engine mount 55.06
Bottom engine mount bracket 16.43
Labour(moutings)(1.5hrs) 45
Full Service 95
Pollen Filter 16.51
Sub Total 1027.46
VAT 179.8055
MOT 32
Total 1239.27

In summary
+ Great standard of work and confidence in knowing the job will be right
- Distance , Dont know if I should have got more off for FCCUK membership...

Would I do it again? YES (and probably for a clutch!)

It has however brought home the cost of running a coupe.Ive only had it for a year.
This recent cost alone averages at £100/month
Totting up other costs(insurance/petrol/tyres) thats at least another £100/month
So I need to earn over £200/month just to run this car..............!!!!!!
For now Im just gonna run the brakes in and enjoy no engine movement :-)
Car feels superb..........

TODO : Manifold photos

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