Wednesday, 12 May 2004

Noisy Tappets or Cracked Manifold ????

Car has started to 'tick' when cold for the first 15seconds or so when under light load.
Strangely enough its quite under no load!
Oil level is max , and I've been filling up with 15W50 Mobil 1.
Tappets were my initial thought , but its been silent since I bought it.
Manifold was replaced with the updated 'ribbed' version by the previous owner.
So its only lasted a year or so :-(

Reports from indicate failure is common on the 20VT.
Apparently it will last for a while , but its days are numbered.

Options are to get a FIAT replacement OR plump for one of the custom stainless manifolds being arranged as group buys. Whichever way its gonna be ~500 notes sigh.....

Will pull bag heatshield at some point to see if I can see crack.

Re: Boost levels :: Greddy boost gauge is fab , runs around -400mmHg on idle. And up to 1.3bar overboost , dropping down to 0.7 at redline. I have my suspicions about a faulty EBV , but it will have to wait for now.

Boost gauge fitting pics to follow.....
56300 miles

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