Friday, 28 May 2004

hose no more.....

I think my car has got stroppy..........
Today after a run home ,the coolant hose from turbo to cylinder head decided to leak!
As an assumption I can only presume that the increased heat(from a bust manifold) is the reason (oh and the fact its been on since 1997!)

Re: Break in
Clarion original stereo back in for just now.
Really cant believe how bad the stereo is compared to my nicked Kenwood unit.

MPG figures for the last two tanks:
Date              Cost   Litres  Gallons  Mileage  ltr/mile  miles/gal  Total Mileage  Type
07/05/2004   41.07  50.15  11.03     285        0.18       25.8           56800       OPTIMAX
23/05/2004   51.21  58.93  12.96     312        0.19       24.1           57112       OPTIMAX

Oh dear ! Looks like cracked manifold is hurting my economy ...

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