Monday, 10 February 2014

Angelsey Track Day


Another last minute decision to hit the track! 
Normally dont look as its too tempting but Gaz from the Mk5Golfgti forum had posted he was going.
Quick decision to jump on the Javelin Trackday website and get it sorted the day before!
Ive booked before through Javelin and its always been top notch (both for Oulton Park and Blyton Park tracks)

Getting there

First off, its a relatively long way away!
From Warrington to Angelsey was 2hrs for me, which makes it a long day

Heres the location

Circuit Office
Anglesey Circuit
Ty Croes
LL63 5TF
Wales, UK

I left my house at 05:45 am and got back home at 6pm....

Tyre pressures

My ​previous front tyres were destroyed @ Blyton Park by overheating. 
New fronts are Goodyear​​ Eagle F1 Assym 2​ ​Normally run quite hard for soft sidewalls, so normal running is 38 PSI for general road running. ​
Learning from previously I dropped these to 34 COLD​ before even driving to Angelsey. ​
After first session I had understeer and lack of traction​ ​coming in after the first run they measured ​42 HOT​ 
​I instantly dropped them to 38 HOT 
After coming in from second session they were 42 HOT​ 
Drop​ped them again​ to 38 HOT 

Better running, more grip , PSI stabilised at 40PSI HOT after a session. 

[Letting them cool once home this is actually 30.5 PSI cold] 

All pressures are for FRONT only, I left rears as i run on the road. 
My ambition was to get to a slightly loose rear end (understeer) but never quite got there. ​ 

General Costs 

Track day (Javelin)    £139
Helmet hire (Javelin) £10 
Fuel 28mpg getting to the track : (2 x 114) = 228 miles total (approx £52) 
Fuel 12.5mpg whilst on track : 103 miles on track (approx £52)
Track Day Insurance for the day (Greenlight) £45

In total the day has cost : £298 (not including wear and tyre costs!)

Nearest Shell station
Shell Station, Mona Rd, Menai Bridge, Isle of Anglesey LL59 5EB, United Kingdom
which you visit on the way, so remember to fill up

no fuel onsite at the track so fill up and/or take a fuel container



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