Friday, 22 November 2013

Ford KUGA TDCI 163 manual replacement tyres fitted Nokian Z SUV 235/45 R19 99Y XL

fitted today @ 44714 miles
great service from Bromley Tyres in Warrington.
Emailed to request price, then order, waited a few days, then turn up to have all 4 fitted within 45 minutes.
Seamless and no marks on the alloys. 5/5 would definitely use again.
You could go through an intermediate (e.g. mytyres) but I chose to go direct.

Difficult choice but most replacement top quality tyres are £240 each!

The car has been running 235/45/19 Continental Sport Contact UHP (430 AA A) which have been a great tyre but simply cant justify the cost.
Im not keen on budget (e.g. Jinyu) for this size, so I had narrowed it down to a tyre somewhere in the middle that has won some reviews too.

Nokian Z SUV 235/45 R19 99Y XL (400 A A)
Roll resistance: C, Wet grip: C, Noise emissions: 72 dB.

Cost is £175 per tyre (all in inc fitting/valves/balancing/disposal), so today cost me £700 (as opposed to £1000 for Continental etc)

So far theyve been brilliant.
Great feel, lots of grip and a lot quieter than the Continental they replaced. i can now hear the excessive wind noise. Seem to have a harmonic at around 45-50mph where the 'wheel bearing' noise seems to come back slightly but soon disappears again as you get faster. cruising @ 85mph is very quiet now. [EDIT Oct 2015 : This noise turned out in due course to be a failing rear wheel bearing, nothing to do with the tyres]

Here are the Continentals just before they came off at the legal limit (but with bald edges)

and the new Nokians after fitment. note the wider rim protection and the 'wear' indicator

[EDIT Oct 2015 :]

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