Monday, 12 August 2013

Narnia Trio Plus car seat replacement by Team Tex

There was a recent article around the Narnia Trio Plus carseats.
Indicating that although it had passed EU safety standards, it had performed poorly under 'Which' safety tests under some scenarios

Of which we had bought 1 for us to use, and one for the grandparents to use.
Theres a good page here that allows you to identify any offending seats.

Ours were bought from Asda. And to be honest they werent much use when we went in to discuss it.

So I sent an email to Team Tex directly (found info via web) (or you can call 01530 519728)

I received a very prompt reply from Sarah @ TeamTex asking for details.
No sooner had I replied that she confirmed they would arrange for delivery of 2 replacements in 7-10days.
Text on my mobile today to arrange delivery by a 3rd party courier, and voila 2 new updated car seats.

All i can say is that Im very pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and professionalism of TeamTex in dealing with this matter.
In this day and age, its a rare thing that really matters.

Well Done Sarah and TeamTex. Bravo

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