Monday, 9 July 2012

Ibiza Sport Black makes way for Kuga Titanium X 2.0 TDCI

Been looking for almost a year for a Kuga as the Ibiza had gotten a little small.

I decided on the spec, the wife decided on the colour lol. I liked Midnight Sky (Grey) but I do like the white anyway (its solid colour not metallic). 
Anyway one evening a chance autotrader search came up with a recent trade in at a Volvo dealer!

Titanium X model so has xenons (must have), keyless entry,panaramic roof to name but a few.
19 inch wheels for the 'look' but the tyres are silly money (£200 each)

Only compromise was that it doesnt have sat nav or reverse parking camera, but the price was right.

AWD 2.0 TDCI Manual

Had its first quick wash and polish.

Lets see how we get on, so far its good fun.
Lots of toys to buy, as well as fit a passenger airbag deactivation switch which Ford decided in their wisdom was a retro dealer fit only wtf !

That and some farse around the storage bins under the rear seats effecting isofix seats with bottom supports.

Good job I checked the forums first.

remap? mmmm 

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