Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Awesome GTI go back to APR (from REVO)

Not so long ago I changed from APR to REVO software because AwesomeGTI changed software providers. Now it seems they want to change back again.
Will there be an amnesty this time ? (doubt it) , Will I change back ? dont know yet tbh.
watch this space.......

Dear Customers, The directors of Awesome (Jim Cotton and Mark Ash) are pleased to announce the re kindled partnership with APR LLC. After a period away from the American VAG tuning specialists due to support and technical issues, we are excited to be back on board. We have spent the last 12 months partnering Revo Technik, whos products and service have been fantastic. It is with great regret that we have to part ways with Revo, but this was inevitable as it has obvious conflicts for both manufacturers. The reasons Awesome had for leaving APR have now been resolved, with the introduction of a UK based, APR owned, technical and R&D facility. This will allow APR products to be developed and evaluated very quickly for the specific needs of the UK market place. It also means that we are able to contact APR personnel without timeline restraints. This can be a huge factor when dealing with sensitive areas such as software programming. Another big factor in the return to APR, is the collaboration of APR with Volkswagen Racing Limited. This exciting partnership brings on board a host of cutting edge products from the VWR stable, these include ITG filtration, VWR braking and suspension solutions and the branded range of apparel. After a recent visit to APR LLC. HQ, in Auburn, both Mark and I were bowled over with the passion and increased dedication to the VAG tuning market. With massive investment in personnel, equipment and various race programs worldwide (including VW cup title sponsorship), not to mention the UK base in Milton Keynes, how could Awesome not want to be back on board? So as from Thursday 22nd March 2012, Awesome are delighted to offer the full range of software and hardware products produced by APR. A full product and pricing structure is underway at the moment and should be live on our website very soon. www.awesomegti.com. Any further questions regarding this partnership, please contact either Mark Ash or myself (Jim Cotton). If you have any requirements for APR products, please contact the sales guys at Awesome!

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