Sunday, 1 May 2011

samsung galaxy s2 battery life

Samsung galaxy s2 update

1. battery lasting around 15hrs with lots of playing and around 2hrs of nav use.
2. First bug appears to be the battery usage stats which just appear to be nonsense! Google nav use reported as co pilot ffs.
3. Big screen great for my 'old' eyes lol

found another useful app too

Of note AppBrain and Market both keep a note of the phone you sync with so I now have 2 profiles (1 for a Nexus One and 1 for the Galaxy S2)

also found out that my wife doesnt get 3G because she has an old SIM (no 3G in the SIM number), so that needs replaced before she can get decent data transfer for her Galaxy S

I have also found the merge duplicates feature of gmail contacts (on web) to be invaluable.

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