Monday, 20 December 2010

seat ibiza 1.4 mk5 : central locking button fail / airbag light on

quick update, car has been in to IMG Warrington.
First off, the central locking button
(down between the seats in front of the gearlever)
no longer lit up when the car autolocked above 10mph, nor would it manually allow you to lock the doors.
Central locking worked ok off the keyfob though.

Then I decided to pull the switch panel out (its a complete unit with lock/unlock/hazards/airbag light/ aux in all together!)
I split it with a knife to reveal what looked like corroded contacts, me thinks something of a watery base has been spilt!
I tried WD40 and put it back together but alas all that managed to do was trigger the airbag warning light!
Also managed to disable the 'autlock above 10mph' , by holding down unlock button for > 10 sec, the only problem being that without a working locking button I couldnt reenable it, pah

So into dealer where they've replaced the switch under warranty and also carried out an engine earth lead modification.

I also seen that a software update for the car is a possibility as some unintended battery drain can happen.

Job done at no expense , although it was a little inconvenient having to drop off the car for a day when you have a baby.

Another good experience from IMG Warrington

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