Friday, 10 September 2010

Samsung Galaxy i7500 Updater by drakaz : Easy way to update your phone

having moved on from my bad experiences of the Samsung i7500 Galaxy (its a good phone, just that Samsung seemed to 'forget' it ever existed so it was stuck on 1.6) to a Google Nexus One.

But I still keep an eye on things to see what the community is doing, as many still have the phone and cant afford to change.
Ive got one in my cupboard doing nothing too!

So I was pleasantly surprised to find some great new work by drakaz, making it so easy to root and update to custom ROMS.

There are two roms GOASP and Galaxo which you can choose from. Reckon I'll dust off the i7500 and get it flashed ASAP as a backup.
In fact if this had been available a few months ago I may well have stuck with the Galaxy :-)

Easy Root (required for next step)

Galaxy Updater

will update as to how I get

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