Thursday, 29 April 2010

running multiple versions of Internet Explorer on Windows Pc : Internet Explorer Collection

came across this while trying to run multiple versions of internet explorer on my work pc.

I downloaded the file ‘Internet Explorer Collection (55.7 MB, 58.486.165 bytes)’

When installing I only added IE6 version that was 13MB.
(but lots of versions available)

Seems ok so far, only bug I know of is that whilst your explorer bookmarks are available they open a print dialog rather than navigating!

So you need to manually cut/paste.
Minor annoyance

It also reports IE6 as IE7 in the ‘about’ bit but it clearly isn’t.

I’ll see how it goes, most folk in tinternet claim the only clean way is to have multiple VirtualPC builds which I couldn’t be rsd going through…

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