Tuesday, 2 March 2010

replaced o2 2G SIM with 3G SIM to get 3G speeds on Samsung Galaxy i7500

finally got around to popping into the local O2 store today to swap my old 2G (10yrs old??) SIM card for a free new 3G SIM woohoo.
Phone call to customer services and its sorted (but can take 24hrs for it to fully work)

If your SIM doesnt have 3G in the number on the back then its ye olde 2G.

So no matter how hard you try you wont get the funky 3G symbol on your phone....
and cr*p transfer speeds.
Ive put up with it long enough but no now.

So heres the data using the android free version of speedtest app.
Top is my new speeds, the lower values show what I had and also the speeds when Im linked into my wireless route at home.

Date ConnType Download Upload Latency
02/03/2010 16:50 Utms 121969 118974 151
02/03/2010 13:36 Gprs 483 1814 1025
28/02/2010 10:54 Wifi 373783 55460 77
19/02/2010 21:40 Edge 6640 5590 570

speedy gonzales :-)

My old SIM had a PIN lock, I tried to re-enable this on the new SIM but asked me for code, which should be 0000 or 4321 but after 3 failed attempts it locked my SIM!

Luckily O2 allow you to get your PUK code online...


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