Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Pace |Twin PVR lockup standby wont switch on : how to fix


heres some info (that I deleted from my comments by mistake by 'Trevor')


We have received reports over the last few days where some older Pace Twin boxes have ?stuck? in standby and simply display the clock.

If your box is stuck and is unresponsive to the remote control or front panel buttons, please try the following steps:

Unplug the mains and aerial cables from the Twin box.
Plug in the mains cable only. The box will go through the boot-up process and display 4 dashes (- - - -)
Switch the box out of standby by pressing the on/off key on the front panel. The 4 dashes should then change to a number.
Press the arrow down key until the number 1 is displayed on the front panel.
Plug in the aerial cable.
If the problem is recurring, we suggest ensuring the box is on the BBC1 channel before switching to standby or removing the power from the box.

Please contact for further assistance if required.

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