Monday, 22 June 2009

MPG updates

more GTI Edition 30 APR Stage 1 MPG updates , last 3 tankfuls
28.0 MPG / 320 miles
33.7 MPG / 395 miles
30.5 MPG / 364 miles

pics of ye olde tyres down to the legal limit, still perform well but have a VERY quick breakaway in the wet.....

last pics are from a sunny walk up Moel_Fammau hill in wales

EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis Wii

EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis [Wii] website

What a superb game , the learning curves a bit steep but its worth it.
One of the first games to use the WiiMotionPlus attachment, seems to work well.
Can be temperamental but you get used to it. The online modes are great, no lag. And I love the cartoon interpretation of the famous players.

Its gonna have to keep me occupied as "The Conduit" has just been delayed again until mid July!

O2 phone upgrade time in 1 month

Yes its coming to the end of my 18 month contract on my N95 8GB so its time to consider the replacement.
Im currently debating Iphone 3GS OR the NOKIA N97

Stephen Fry doesnt seem to keen on the N97 lol

N97 + Iphone 3GS links

gadgets caught my attention this week

1. Performance Vbox highlighted by Giles in his recent Spa trip
2. 24V Impact Wrench from Machine Mart , £90
3. drying towels from autoperfection

Sadly I cant go this year but its the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2 weeks

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