Sunday, 4 January 2009

Golf GTI Edition 30 : 15k miles MPG updates

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, heres to 2009

Couple more Edition 30 MFD shots I tend to take when I fill up.
First one I had been a tad 'enthusiastic' :-)
Second was more gentle with Cruise Control on and some visits to various relatives around the country
All with high octane fuel (BP Ultimate / Shell Optimax / Tesco 99)

As you can see its turned a bit cold here recently !
testing 123


95 GTS said...

meh, fancy new setup eh? Tis ok ;-)

PS - you left the testing123 comment in....... Pah Developers!

JohnO said...

just copied you my son lol

Comment was in to test the tracker code which didnt work for a few days until I found a way to get it to work again.

fancy blog sites, who reads them ? lol