Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Noble on the driveway! / 1 series pic / MRS old discs pic

Time for another update....

Pic 1 : The rather superb Noble that Ive just bought as a runabout for a couple of mnths....NOT , it actually was driven by a friend of the guy who came to pick up his new car (my old one).
Sounded fab and as ever not exactly subtle :-)
Sob , I can scarcely believe I ever had an M3 at all :-(
I REALLY miss the driving experience ............

Pic 2 : The trusty BMW 1 series I had for a while when the M3 was getting the front end sprayed to remove stonechips. Only a 116i but as Ive said before it was really nice , and even the looks grew on me ! Drove really nicely , so the 135i must be a really swift machine.

Pic 3 : The front discs I took off the MRS (Mk3 MR2). Not the total absence of a decent wear face , mostly rust = gubbed !
The new brakes are so far great , the only downside I can see is that the brake dust produced is more than OE toyota pads. But for the money absolutely brill.
The feel and performance is the same if not better than OE , Im made up.

No word on the Golf arrival date yet............
Looking at maybe getting a car to run about in.
Seen some nice Mk2 golfs , but they are 15 yrs old now!
Ebay is like an aladins cave too , if you can afford to take a risk.

Stay safe out there

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