Saturday, 25 August 2007

M3 sold!!!

Yes , I can scarcely believe its true , but I have just watched my pride and joy drive away this morning.
Congratulations to the new owner , I hope he enjoys the car as much as I did.

So here (for now it ends), car went with 42,000 miles on clock.
I will eventually do a full writeup of M3 experience.

18 months ownership , 32,000 miles and a whole lot of fun.

I loved it , and would recommend everyone to have one at some point in there lives.
Fast, economical (not at the same time!), practical too :-)

Golf not here for 2 months , so not sure where to go from here........

1 comment:

95 GTS said...

back to the turbo fold eh? You know you like the dark side..... Booooosssstttttt heh heh.

Need to get some nice gauges for the car, no JDM stuff though - looks wrong on non Jap cars ;-)