Saturday, 28 April 2007

M3 Oil Service / BM3W day @ Thorney Motorsport

ok time for an update

Oil service @ 38500 miles

Car went into Williams BMW Manchester for the first time ever.
Car has 38k on it , and its an oil service only.
My first experience of Williams BMW is very encouraging.
They phoned me to discuss my rear brakes (which to be fair are awful but something I will get done later). Car was washed (to a high standard) and no more dings/scratches appeared :-) (which is always a worry when the car goes into a dealer)
So for an oil service + fuel filter change (requested by me) the total was £305
Rear springs were checked and OK
I requested the filter change to hopefully reduce the really bad stutter the car had just before I took it in. Transition from light to full throttle was poor.
It was a long shot that Ive seen work on the BM3W forums , and it fact it has made it 75% better ! woohoo , still there but reduced greatly.

For the future its an MOT in June(£50) and new brakes all round (at least £750).....
Oh and the renewal of the warranty (£1000)

BM3W forum day @ Thorney Motorsport

Attended this today , a superb day with a whole host of fab machinery

Lots of E46 M3's , CSL's ,Z4M, M5's new and old , Porsche GT3 + RS and an Aston Martin :-)

Plenty of dyno runs (sadly not me :-( ) and some great hospitality.
Lots of pics to follow........
Car ran like clockwork there and back and returned 29MPG (even allowing for some high speed fun on the M6 toll , is it really £4 these days !)

enjoy the good weather

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95 GTS said...

so how come no dyno run for you? Good the stutter has been reduced but obv would be better if it had cured it completely. Cars eh? Pah pah