Sunday, 4 February 2007

D900 to N73 : N73 profile issues : M3 brakes rumble

Yes well , circumstances arose so that I could move phones and I couldnt resist :-)
Love the Samsung D900 and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone , does what its says on the tin and works as a phone should.
Good battery life , good camera , excellent UI (if a bit diff from nokia style).
Only downside is that you cant assign mp3's as message tones.

Anyways started up the N73 without a SIM (I'm GSM only not 3G), phone goes into 'offline' profile and I get to play with it :-)
Copy stuff across by bluetooth then insert my SIM and reboot........

Bl**dy phone wont change to 'general' profile !!!! At this point Im concerned :-(
Anyway after several hrs on the net scaring myself about the number of issues with the N73 (oops maybe should have looked BEFORE I changed LOL)

Long story short but apparently if you switch the phone on without a SIM present , it can never change profile!! , Its a 'bug' , sorry 'feature . The fix which worked for me was...

hold down green button + 3 + * and at the same time hit the button to switch the phone on.

Once Id had 2 extra arms surgically added I was able to perform this and it worked 'woohoo'

Nokia PC Suite seems really good. Next step is to upgrade the phone software , as nokia seem pretty good at regular updates.

Initial phone impressions

Lovely , bit slow in some menus, lots of unctionality , excellent camera.

TODO : Buy a miniSD card + charger , maybe even bluetooth GPS receiver so I can have phone sat nav ;-)


On the car side , not much other than my brakes now rumble when applying some pressure.
Pads have plenty of life left I think , but discs are pretty poor condition , so maybe need to replace the whole lot.
Mileage is 34500 from memory.

Commuting mileage seems to be around 24MPG.

TODO : Pipex alias and speed issues

more later

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