Tuesday, 2 January 2007

if Santa rode a motorbike this would be it...Ducati 1098 / 33500 miles in M3

yellow , white , black are photoshops of colours that may at some point become available.

Red is the bike as available now ............

Power 160 hp @ 9750rpm
Torque 90 lb-ft @ 8000rpm

data logger , digital dash .......mmmmmmm
11 grand for the 'base' 1098 model LOL , and 14k for the 1098S (lighter wheels and diff shocks)

The perfect bike ? I think so , although its double the price of a GSXR750 !!!

Official DUCATI 1098 page

M3 now @ 33500 miles , averaging 330 miles to a tank.
Swapped from the ipod mini (4GB) , to an ipod video(80GB) I got for xmas which will now hold my entire music collection. It also still fits into the centre tray in the M3 (connects by cable to the non OEM kenwood 627DVD head unit)

Hope you all had a great Xmas and wishing you all a Happy New Year.
Make 2007 a year you'd always hoped for :-)


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