Sunday, 18 June 2006

bike + diesel = pain

Well first things first Im still in one piece :-)
Run home tonight , dry road , exiting a roundabout , leaned the bike over to take the bend and whoooosh front wheel folds under and Im sliding down the road at 30+mph .............

Bike is a mess , whole LHS is destroyed , crash bung probably saved me from breaking my left ankle/leg , escaped with just sore legs/shoulder and some grazing.
Helmet all scuffed on the front too so its bin material now too.

The reason?? f*cking diesel , a whole line of it on the exit of the roundabout clearly visible on the road.

Lucky , sh*t Ive lost one of my nine lives lol.

Write off ? Dunno but we will see.
Honda Insurance service has so far been poor , no numbers for recovery except
Motorcycle Direct , and I dont even have a policy with them ffs!!!
However top marks for recovery company Kerr Smith who took me and my bike back to Glasgow.

Will keep you all posted on whats happening..........
Off to bed now , gonna be sore in the morning but f*cking relieved to still be walking.

Take care out there ....

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