Tuesday, 5 July 2005

2000 miles on bike!

Almost 8 weeks (to the day) since I passed my test and I'm pleased to have passed 2000 miles :-)
A superb run out with Allan(MR2 Turbo) again to Edinburgh then down the Moffat road.
I've not been down it before but its awesome......
Over 200miles just last night alone! My rear end and legs were well and truly numb.
Bike ran great and I set a new mileage record of 149 miles on a tank.
That includes the reserve light flashing for 30 miles and the bike beginning to smell of fuel LOL

Another great (and reasonably) sensible run. Brill

Car wise the wheels still look superb. Although it hasnt moved for a while , as Im mostly using the bike while its dry(ish)
Got a PM from Graham at GRSMotorsport and my Intercooler will arrive by the weekend :-) More toys great ...


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