Thursday, 10 February 2005

MPG update / another one bites the dust / thoughts

MPG Update
Date------Cost----Litres--Gals---Mileage--ltrs/mil--MPG--Total Mileage

OBC 21.7mpg : 12.4mph : 4 miles to go

Once again Shell's finest fuel for this tank, a new record I think for me , 20MPG and an average speed of 12.4mph!!
Yep , I definitely think I could walk quicker and save money LOL
Lots and Lots and Lots of very short journeys.

Another one bites the dust..
Yep , another pristine alloy gets scraped against a high kerb..........sigh
Hopefully its easily sorted by a mobile van to touch the marks up.

Car definitely needs an LSD (good excuse for an 05 model ..)
Runflats are totally rubbish in the wet. Understeer city. Car has so much more potential but I often find its very easy to get a 4 wheel drift at very low speeds.........
Must have more power.....(and probably would suit the taller 03 gearbox ratios )
(reports say that the shortened ratio 05 cars feel much quicker , but I feel an upgrade may make them too short???
Will need to test drive an 05 MCS Works to prove that point)
windscreen strip still not fixed , too busy at the moment.


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