Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Golf gti edition 35 : enable central large Speedo MFD vcds

Pic shows

  • Original instrument coding
  • MFD  before
  • Remove alt display
  • Add dig Speedo
  • MFD  now

Added the mph central Speedo option as per

  1. Select Control Module 17 “Instruments” in VAG-COM/VCDS
  2. Go to Long Coding
  3. Go to Byte 0 > Bit 4-7
  4. Change whatever location you have in there (Normally England) to “Rest of World”
  5. Click Exit and then DO IT

Un-Plug your VCDS and get ready to start playing with your DIS.

  1. On your DIS go to your settings and do the following:
  2. Untick “Alt. Speed DIS”
  3. Still in settings, go to MFD Data
  4. Tick Digital Speedo
  5. Click Go Back and then Go to Units
  6. Choose Consump./dist.
  7. Scroll down and select mpg (UK), mi
  8. Tick Digt speed (ADDED Step)
  9. Bask in the glory of seeing your mph in full digital glory

Once you’ve done all the above you’ll then have removed the annoying KP/H display in the bottom part of your DIS / MFD and gained a nice Digital mph speedo.
Only missing item in the text is that you need too select the mph Speedo option

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