Monday, 19 September 2016

Golf gti edition 30 new brakes all round

This set off discs and pads are from 71000 miles.
Here's the original post

To 98513 miles (now)

= 27000 miles

Front 2/3rds worn discs worse than pads.

They have been brilliant over lots of commuting and several track days.

New stuff

340mm tts j hooked discs ( love drilled but going to try j hook)
Ferrodo ds2500 pads (on car before and work brilliantly but can squeal )
Rear std pagid discs and pads (std oe stuff is fine)

£500 supplied by vagbremtech
£55 for 2 backplates
£140 fitting costs

Changing mostly because of pedal vibration and really badly corroded rear discs..
Rear cross drilled discs were a big mistake.

Rear backplates both rusted broken mountings.
Rattling away before change

Came sprayed but also applied dc90 child zinc primer  to disc bell's

Also found that Exhaust is blowing on the centre section.

Bed in still to happen

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