Monday, 10 August 2015

Continental Sport Contact 5 225/40/18 92Y XL review

[historical data from August 2013]

Well here we are again. 
This time around its the Sport Contact 5's that are being reviewed.

fitted at 59220 miles on Feb 2012

when replaced at 70595 miles on 06/08/2013 at 3mm remaining

so thats 18 months and 11375 miles.

Replaced because a trackday had caused damage on the inner edges.
No doubt with no damage they could have lasted a lot longer and worn down to 1.8mm (legal limit)
I believe this damage is caused by slightly misaligned suspension, too high tyre pressure on the day and poor suspension (that needs replacing). In no way do i believe its a problem with the tyre itself.


I have chosen to use a mobile fitting service called Event Tyres again
For the 4th time they have continued to surprise me with top notch service.
Really it couldnt be any easier
£124 per tyre, so £248 all (this includes fitting)


Fitted today outside my office.
alloys confirmed prior to work so no disputes after . No marks made at all.
Weights on inside
Absolutely faultless.

Other options to consider

Continental Sport Contact 5 (my previous tyres)
Pirelli PZero
Yokohama parada 2
Michelin PS2 / PS3  
PSS due to be available at end of September 2013

Plus Points
hot weather : 
cold weather : 

100% tread  : no bedding in period, worked straight from day one.
50% tread : 
10% tread (legal limit) : 

limited road noise : 
on the track         : 
up the drag strip : no idea I never ran them up the strip

low wear rate : 
11,375 miles on a revo stg1 gti is pretty impressive, and almost as much as the PS3
They wore evenly across the entire tread depth  :happy2: at 36psi
wet weather : 

Minus Points

alloy wheel lip protection is very limited , tyre has a very 'flat' profile , doesnt bulge, so provides little or no protection


now replaced by Goodyear F1  Assymetric 2 

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