Monday, 21 February 2011

insurance renewal : Golf GTI Edition 30 remapped

39 yrs old
9+ yrs protected NCB
no points
not a great postcode (but not horrendous either)
2 previous claims (3 and 4 yrs ago)

07 Edition 30 , stg1 REVO + R32 brakes , 10k/year , valued at £12k

this year I really struggled to get insured for anything approaching a reasonable price.

Chris Knott (who I was with) quoted £891
most others wouldnt quote (due to the postcode) or couldnt beat 891
(this includes many of the specialists)

Job done, but seems very steep, maybe Ill just get a 1.4 !

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Roaders said...

Wow, we're about the same as that for the M3!