Monday, 31 May 2004

Turbo Water feed hose

Fri afternoon(4pm) I ordered the turbo water feed pipe from FIAT dealer in Paisley.
Sat morning I get a phone call at 10am ! , to say its arrived.
Now thats what I call service. (Albeit I did provide the partno)

You can also view a LARGER PIPE PICTURE should you wish to!

The replacement has a shorter end(block side) without a notch.
The leak point was where the clip has dug into the hose.

As for fitting , well as usual many hoses had to come off before I could even get to it. Simple enough to do (once Id worked out how to release OEM clips grrrrr).

57050 miles

Friday, 28 May 2004

hose no more.....

I think my car has got stroppy..........
Today after a run home ,the coolant hose from turbo to cylinder head decided to leak!
As an assumption I can only presume that the increased heat(from a bust manifold) is the reason (oh and the fact its been on since 1997!)

Re: Break in
Clarion original stereo back in for just now.
Really cant believe how bad the stereo is compared to my nicked Kenwood unit.

MPG figures for the last two tanks:
Date              Cost   Litres  Gallons  Mileage  ltr/mile  miles/gal  Total Mileage  Type
07/05/2004   41.07  50.15  11.03     285        0.18       25.8           56800       OPTIMAX
23/05/2004   51.21  58.93  12.96     312        0.19       24.1           57112       OPTIMAX

Oh dear ! Looks like cracked manifold is hurting my economy ...

Tuesday, 18 May 2004

Glass gets in my eyes......

Nah not literally , but its a swine to clearup :-)

Window was fixed on Sat morning by RAC AutoWindscreens. Fantastic job and they even did some windscreen chips too.

Manifold (or other!) is getting worse , so a trip to Wigan Paul or MotorMech looks a certanty very soon.

Had an idea to build carbon style covers for both radio surround (inc cigarette area) this would cover the console damage and also allow space for guages etc
also thought it would look good on outer badge panels + handle black bits

56600 miles
last tank ~280 miles

Friday, 14 May 2004

Glass Ahoy.......

Jeeze ,
I guess its not my week!
Today the car had the drivers window smashed and my Kenwood 8080R nicked :-(
It was parked outside my current work and was obviously just a opportunistic job

Door has some chips , Dash housing is scratched and its full of glass...........

Window will be covered by Insurance but actually claiming for the stereo isnt a financial issue as my policy excess is 300 quid.
Good news is that my Greddy boost guage was untouched :-)

RE : Exhaust manifold
Oh dear maybe I wont get 6+months out of it. Its definitely noiser at startup after a few more days driving!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 12 May 2004

Noisy Tappets or Cracked Manifold ????

Car has started to 'tick' when cold for the first 15seconds or so when under light load.
Strangely enough its quite under no load!
Oil level is max , and I've been filling up with 15W50 Mobil 1.
Tappets were my initial thought , but its been silent since I bought it.
Manifold was replaced with the updated 'ribbed' version by the previous owner.
So its only lasted a year or so :-(

Reports from indicate failure is common on the 20VT.
Apparently it will last for a while , but its days are numbered.

Options are to get a FIAT replacement OR plump for one of the custom stainless manifolds being arranged as group buys. Whichever way its gonna be ~500 notes sigh.....

Will pull bag heatshield at some point to see if I can see crack.

Re: Boost levels :: Greddy boost gauge is fab , runs around -400mmHg on idle. And up to 1.3bar overboost , dropping down to 0.7 at redline. I have my suspicions about a faulty EBV , but it will have to wait for now.

Boost gauge fitting pics to follow.....
56300 miles

START BLOG [copied text from personal website]

2nd Apr 2004 :: Greddy 60mm Boost Gauge (pic)arrives from Japan in 4 days! Bought from JapAndy on Ebay. Originally I wanted a mech one , but this is the electronic version with peak/warning settings :-) For me this guage is a good match for the coupe dials. Only downside is the backlight is green but some bulb colouring may adapt this. For the same price I could have had 2 autometer carbonfibre style gauges but didnt quite like the style!! As to a mounting postion Im not sure. Also received my fiat coupe brochures (ebay) and new wheel bolts (group buy off fccuk forum). 55300 miles


21st Mar 2004 :: Checked oil (as I do regularly) and it was halfway down[MIN-MAX] dipstick. Added 0.5ltr to top up. Ordered a Greddy Boost gauge from USA after a failed auction on ebay for a 2nd hand one. Best match for dials , location to fit as yet undecided :-) Cant afford a nomad pod too. Definitely like the idea of refurbishing my alloys with a black M style colour.
see Photoshop pic



1st Mar 2004 :: Jeeze! Has it really been 2 months? Car is currently being used everyday for work while I do long hours. Handling seems odd , which I suspect is a sure sign the front wishbones are shot....Car loves the cold weather and economy is not bad 220 miles/tank while commuting (Optimax only).Car still continues to excite even after months of ownership , the only downside is its propensity to attract dents! Oil consumption is negligible , oil pressure sitting at 2.5bar(idle) when warm. Rolling Road day soon at Dastek , so the service will have to come before then.


1st Jan 2004 :: Cold weather galore. Frozen handbrake most of the time , so car has to be left in gear at night. Central Locking also failed when frozen , but a reset by removing the 4 underbonnet fuses sorted that ...This has also reset the ECU so I will see if the misfire is any better as well.


17th Dec 2003 :: At Last ! Picked the car up , and the colour match looks superb. Also got the rear bumper scrapes and one of the corroded rear light surrounds done at the same time. Its been an absolute delight going back to the coupe after a new shape Polo 1.0L as a hire car. Big Thanks to Myles who pulled all the stops out to get a perfect match on the car There are just soooo many design and styling touches that make the coupe a true performance bargain :-)


7th Dec 2003 :: Ho hum , picked up car but colours not quite right! So its going back in. On the plus side , the passengers door dents have been removed. And the car looks soooo much better without 1001 stonechips. TODO list includes : Engine movement / spark plugs and oil change.
53350 miles


24th Nov 2003 :: Car dropped off at bodyshop (Myles Coachworks) to get bonnet resprayed and bumps taken out. Front F1 tyres are fab . Still too much understeer in the wet though. I suspect thats to do with the coupes 68/32 weight distibution tho....
53190 miles


22nd Nov 2003 :: My first injector light moment ! Car was cold and it only lasted 5 seconds.. Potentially linked to the low rpm misfire...must change plugs soon!
53100 miles


16th Nov 2003 :: Quick blast in the sun. Frustrated by variable boost levels , must clean EBV . Checked oil and it hasnt used any ...result
53050 miles


7th Nov 2003 :: Changed Dipped bulbs H1 to Osram Silverstar(+50% brighter!) bulbs 20 quid for a pair (+free sidelamps)
52840 miles


2nd Nov 2003 :: FCCUK Scottish Meet up in Stirling ( pics in PHOTOS section )
52800 miles


1st Nov 2003 :: Front Pirelli P-Zeros replaced with Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 (205/50/16) 100 quid each inc
52700 miles


11th Sept 2003 :: 20VT Scotts Green bought from Portsmouth. 1000 mile round trip !!
51000 miles